We met with Mr. Fabio Malgaretti. Fabio is from Italy and he is a lecturer in English at Milan State University. In an interview with Fabio, we asked him the following questions:

Tell us about yourself

Italian from Milan, graduated in 1983 with a dissertation on how F. Bacon used aphorisms in his works.

How long have you been studying Arabic? What is your current level?

About 10 years. Actually, I decided to focus my learning on how to speak Arabic. So, I quite overlooked how to write it because I reckon it’ll be very rare for me to have either the opportunity or the need to write it.

What made you decide to study the Arabic language and culture?  What & who inspired you?  What were your motivations?

I live in Italy and Arab countries are very close to mine and many Arabs live here. Besides, I’m interested in the Arab world.

Have you had any ups and downs while learning Arabic?

Not really, I’m used to studying languages so it’s not difficult for me to find similarities in other languages I studied. A good example of that is Ancient Greek.

What does it take to become an excellent student of Arabic? What recommendations would you give to anyone interested in learning Arabic?

Well, you have to study a lot and you’d better study both the official (fusha) language and a dialect. Also, talk as much as you can to Arab-speaking people. You’ll learn a lot and they, usually, appreciate it.

What careers are you planning to pursue (or have embarked on) using your Arabic language skills?

None. I ‘d like to use it only for tourism and communicate with Arab people both in my country and in theirs.

Quick Wee Questions

What’s your favourite Arabic word?

Hamsa خمسة I like the sound

What is your least favourite Arabic word? Why?

تزوج tazawaj I always make a mistake when i pronounce it

Who’s your most inspiring Arab personality?

Mahmoud Darwish. His poems are very inspiring.

What is your favourite place in the Arab World?

Syria. It used to be the most cosmopolitan country in the Arab world. That time is over, helas..

What is your favourite Arabic quote?

The other peoples read to understand, we have to understand to read by the Egyptian writer Qasim Amin.

What is your favourite Arabic book? Why?

Lo spettatore (Al mutafarrig) by Adil Abu Sanab.

What is your favourite Arab dish? Why?

Shawarma. Difficult to say, I like its taste, but I usually like Arab cuisine.


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