Tell us about yourself

I am Yanto from Indonesia, a developing country in Southeast Asia. I studied Arabic Literature (specialisation in Diplomacy) at Universitas Padjadjaran and graduated in 2017 with BA in Humanities. “Indonesia, a developing country with the largest Muslim population in the world undeniably has a strong relationship with the Arab World. Unfortunately, the cooperation does not always be advantageous as there are many unpredictable occurrences in the Middle East.

Why Study Arabic? What made you decide to study Arabic? What & who inspired you?

I study Arabic language and culture because I believe that it is really essential for my future career since I aspire to work as a diplomat. I want to keep mutual relations between my home country and Arab countries as well as help Indonesian expatriates who live in the Middle East to overcome problems regarding their job, study, pilgrimage, and travel.
Additionally, I am inspired by my professor who shared his knowledge concerning the Arab World, Arabic language and culture in my former university. Therefore, I also desire to be a scholar.

Finally, as a muslim, I want to improve my understanding of Islam. By studying Arabic, I hope that I can gain more comprehension regarding the Qur’an and Hadith as well as be more solemn in my prayer.”


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