We met with Hugo Floris Schiffers, from Holland. Hugo is a PG Arabic alumni studying for MSc Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic at the University of Edinburgh. In an interview with Hugo, we asked him the following questions:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Hugo Schiffers and I am taking part in the Intensive Arabic for beginners programme. Previously, I have done a bachelor in Neuroscience and Politics – two fields that at first sight do not have tremendously much in common but that I both enjoyed doing very much. Now Arabic has joined this eclectic group, and I am happy to say I am still very much enjoying my studies.

What made you decide to study the Arabic language and culture?  What & who inspired you?  What were your motivations?

Back home, I noticed that many of those that graduated with me saw their master’s as something they have to get out of the way as soon as possible – a piece of paper that they need to obtain before the real deal starts. I wanted to do things differently by making sure I would learn a tangible skill during these two years. Besides that I thought – and still think– studying Arabic would be a wonderfully adventurous thing to do, something that would pivot me away from the any sort of set career course.


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